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Want a website out of the ordinary? Our designers and programmers can work with you to design your dream site.

Whether you want a one page web site to promote your company or an advanced site with online sales and ecommerce, we will propose you solutions that will meet your needs.

Designing a website is not something to be taken lightly, since it must reflect your corporate identity and professionalism. You can attract new customers more easily and demonstrate your expertise.

Several steps are required to arrive at a final product. Here are a few:

Identification of needs

  • It is essential to start by identifying what you want as a website. A site to promote you, sell your products online, publish your articles, etc..
  • We have to determine the different sections, roughly, that will make up your site. This allows assess of needed tasks, both by us and you. Indeed, a transactional site requires more time from the client like the addition of your products.
  • Determine the type of web application that might suit you. Should we use an existing application (eg Joomla, nopCommerce, Drupal, etc.) or an application specific to your needs is required. We have our own content management system easy to use.
  • We can evaluate the resources needed for the project and make our estimate. You can also agree that some more complex sections should be postponed to reduce design time.   

Website Design

  • We need to create the model or design of your site. In images, this allows you to see immediatly what should be your website without without having to develop it immediately. It is easy to change menus, colors and images that compose the site. It is also possible to use existing models offered by many companies specialized in this. Be aware that other websites will also use the same visual look as your web site.
  • We begin the technical realization of your site. We will create the core of the site and program it according to your needs.
  • At a certain level of completion, it will be possible to configure your site with a temporary link so you will be able to see it with your own eyes. We will also make adjustments if necessary.
  • It will be the time to determine what content you will want on each page. In fact, the site design requires collaboration of client throughout the process. We can advise you and help you create seller content, but basically, we need to know more about your company and what you want to convey as messages.   

Put your web site online

  • Your site is now ready to be put online and be reached by your customers.
  • Unfortunately, you will also have to pay our bill!

Contact us to let us know your needs. We can discuss.