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What is a domain name?

A domain name allows you to have a website with your company name, personal name or any other name you want. When visitors want to go on your site, they can write in the address bar of their browser the domain name directly, eg

A domain name consists of two parts, the first containing the specific name of the site and the second is the extension, separated by a dot. The extension helps to specify what type of website you have, as a company (.com), an organization (.org) or a regional website (.ca for Canada). There are a multitude of extensions and several new one will emerge shortly (eg .music, .movie, .quebec, etc..). Some domain have also a three parts extension, but they are less popular.

What are the benefits of owning your own domain name?

  • have a website with the name of his company is much more professional;
  • people using the search engines can find you more easily;
  • it gives you personalized emails to your domain name eg You can use this email on your personalized business cards.
  • it allows you to be sure than no one will register and use a domain name exactly as your business name. This can cause many problems if you want to retrieve the domain name later.

How to register a domain?

You must first check if the domain name you want is available. If already registered, you can check if it is available with another extension. Otherwise, you must change your name slightly, like adding a dash, add a word, etc..

Services offered by !facto

We offer complete management of the domain names. You can register, renew and transfer your domains at !facto.

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